Terry A. Yip

Ph.D. Economics, McMaster University

Welcome to my website ! Currently, I hold a position as research coordinator at McMaster University.

My fields of interest are in Public Economics, Labour Economics and Macroeconomics.

You can download my CV here.






Baby Bonus, Anyone? Examining Heterogeneous Responses to a Pro-Natalist Policy (with N. Malak and M. RahmanJournal of Population Economics. October 2019, Vol 32: 1205 

[paper] [working paper]

Return on Violin and Macroeconomic Fluctuation (with S. Gong and L. Chan) Journal of Cultural Economics. June 2020, vol. 44: 339–346



Age-Income Dynamics Over the Life Course: Cohort Transition Patterns in Relative Income Based on Canadian Tax Returns

(with F. Denton and B. Spencer)  -  Forthcoming at Canadian Public Policy

[working paper]

Working Papers:

The Canadian Income Taxation: Statistical Analysis and Parametric Estimates (with M. Kurnaz) - revision requested

[working paper]

Financial Shocks, Supply-chain Relationships and the Great Trade Collapse (with A. Johri) - submitted

[working paper

Changes and Stability in Marital Status: Evidence from Canadian Income Tax Returns (with F. Denton and B. Spencer) - submitted

[working paper]

Work in Progress:

Growth in time of Political Polarization (with J. Lesica and Tran Quoc Tuan)

Canadian Income Taxation: A Panel Study using Administrative Tax Records (with M. Kurnaz)

Parental Sex Selection and Population Sex Ratio (with M. Veall and W. Yang)​

Tax Progressity and Occupational Mobility' (with G. Cubas, M. Kurnaz, P. Silos)

Education and Experience


Ph.D. in Economics, McMaster University – 2018

M.A. in Economics, McMaster University – 2011
B.A. in Economics, Carleton University – 2010


Research Coordinator, McMaster University, 2018 – present
Sessional Instructor, McMaster University, 2018 (winter term)
– (Economics of Aging, evaluation, average: 8.8)
Research Assistant, McMaster University, 2013, 2014-2016, 2017 – 2018
Teaching Assistant, McMaster University, 2010-2015, 2017
Teaching Assistant, Carleton University, 2009-2010

Conference and Seminar Presentations:
2019: Academia Sinica, WEAI Conferences, CEA meeting, CFE conference
2018: University of New Brunswick, Annual Congress of the EEA, CRDCN Conference, CEA Meeting
2017: Annual Congress of the EEA, CEA Meeting, RES Conference
2016: Annual Conference of the ESPE, CEA meeting
2015: World Congress of the ES, Midwest Macro Meeting, CEA meeting



Economic of Aging (Winter 2018)
– (evaluation, average: 8.8)

Teaching Assistant experience:

Graduate Level

Econometrics I (Fall 2012), Microeconomic Theory for Public Policy (Fall 2011)

Undergraduate Level

Intermediate Microeconomics I (Summer 2017), Economic Issue (Summer 2015), Intermediate Macroeconomics I and II (Summer 2014 – Winter 2015), Topic in Economic Development (Winter 2014), Analysis of Economic Data I (Fall 2013), Financial Economics (Winter 2013), Economics Clinic (Fall 2012), International Monetary Economics (Winter 2012), Introduction to Advanced Economic Theory (Fall 2011), Introduction to Microeconomics and Macroeconomics (Fall 2010 – Winter 2011), Introduction to Economics (Fall 2009 – Winter 2010)

Alok Johri
McMaster University


Byron Spencer
McMaster University