Terry A. Yip

Ph.D. Economics, McMaster University

Welcome to my website! My fields of interest are in Public Economics, Labour Economics and Macroeconomics.






Baby Bonus, Anyone? Examining Heterogeneous Responses to a Pro-Natalist Policy (with N. Malak and M. RahmanJournal of Population Economics. October 2019, Vol. 32: 1205 

[paper] [working paper]

Return on Violin and Macroeconomic Fluctuation (with S. Gong and L. Chan) Journal of Cultural Economics. June 2020, vol. 44: 339–346


Age-Income Dynamics Over the Life Course: Cohort Transition Patterns in Relative Income Based on Canadian Tax Returns

(with F. Denton and B. Spencer)  - Canadian Public Policy. December 2020, Vol. 46:4: 508-530

[working paper]

Working Papers:

The Canadian Income Taxation: Statistical Analysis and Parametric Estimates (with M. Kurnaz) - Forthcoming at Canadian Journal of Economics

[working paper][Data Appendix: Tables]

Changes and Stability in Marital Status: Evidence from Canadian Income Tax Returns (with F. Denton and B. Spencer) - Forthcoming at Canadian Studies in Population

[working paper]

Financial Shocks, Supply-chain Relationships and the Great Trade Collapse (with A. Johri) - submitted

[working paper

Growth in time of Political Polarization (with J. Lesica and Tran Quoc Tuan)

Work in Progress:

Housing Investment during the Pandemic (with M. Karimzada and S. Khan)

Canadian Income Taxation: A Panel Study Using Administrative Tax Records (with M. Kurnaz)

Parental Sex Selection and Population Sex Ratio (with M. Veall and W. Yang)​

Tax Progressity and Occupational Mobility (with G. Cubas, M. Kurnaz, P. Silos)

Funding Liquidity and Wealthy Hand-to-mouth' (with R. Wong)

Education and Experience


Ph.D. in Economics, McMaster University – 2018

M.A. in Economics, McMaster University – 2011
B.A. in Economics, Carleton University – 2010


Research Coordinator, McMaster University, 2018 – 2020
Sessional Instructor, McMaster University, 2018 (winter term)
– (Economics of Aging, evaluation, average: 8.8)
Research Assistant, McMaster University, 2013, 2014-2016, 2017 – 2018
Teaching Assistant, McMaster University, 2010-2015, 2017
Teaching Assistant, Carleton University, 2009-2010

Conference and Seminar Presentations:
2019: Academia Sinica, WEAI Conferences, CEA meeting, CFE conference
2018: University of New Brunswick, Annual Congress of the EEA, CRDCN Conference, CEA Meeting
2017: Annual Congress of the EEA, CEA Meeting, RES Conference
2016: Annual Conference of the ESPE, CEA meeting
2015: World Congress of the ES, Midwest Macro Meeting, CEA meeting



Economic of Aging (Winter 2018)
– (evaluation, average: 8.8)

Teaching Assistant experience:

Graduate Level

Econometrics I (Fall 2012), Microeconomic Theory for Public Policy (Fall 2011)

Undergraduate Level

Intermediate Microeconomics I (Summer 2017), Economic Issue (Summer 2015), Intermediate Macroeconomics I and II (Summer 2014 – Winter 2015), Topic in Economic Development (Winter 2014), Analysis of Economic Data I (Fall 2013), Financial Economics (Winter 2013), Economics Clinic (Fall 2012), International Monetary Economics (Winter 2012), Introduction to Advanced Economic Theory (Fall 2011), Introduction to Microeconomics and Macroeconomics (Fall 2010 – Winter 2011), Introduction to Economics (Fall 2009 – Winter 2010)

Alok Johri
McMaster University


Byron Spencer
McMaster University


Musab Kurnaz
UNC Charlotte